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What to donate?

On April 9th, 16th and 23rd, volunteers will be St Andrew’s Church to receive donated goods for the big sale on May 3rd. No clothing, no computers please – same as last year.

But clothing accessories are welcome – from socks to scarves to hats to belts to ties. Kitchen, bathroom and bedroom linens are also welcome. All the departments from shoes and purses to giftware to toys to luggage to bedding, to books to kitchenware, household goods and electronics to sports gear to office supplies to personal care products remain as before. The Esto boutique, Irja’s Café and last year’s newly formed Crystal Palace (previously Boutique and Glass/Chinaware) will all be accepting donations and operating as usual.

Your donations are needed! The proceeds from the sale will, as usual, be dispersed to worthwhile projects and organizations both here and in Estonia. Should you have questions or wish to offer assistance, Helle and/or Maaja will be pleased to hear from you: Maaja Matsoo, , 416-691-0719; Helle Arro, , 416-449-4209.
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