Heritage Beyond Borders launched
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On June 6th at Metro Hall, 32 year-old Neel Nanda, who works at Ipsos-Reid launched "Heritage Beyond Borders" (HBB), to cut through divisive ethnic issues. Nanda has been involved with the National Ethnic Press and Media Council of Canada (NEPMCC), headed by Tom Saras, for the past eight years, the past two as General Secretary. Saras was at the opening ceremonies to give his friend a hand.

The mission statement of HBB is to achieve harmony and understanding between all people as reflected in the composition of Canadian population, by promoting inter-exchanges between them, to create a heritage that transcends borders, ethnicity and culture that individual communities have and cherish.

HBB is a youth-driven socio-cultural organization that aims to establish bridges between various ethnic groups by holding information sessions and cultural exchanges in order to create a unique heritage of our own that incorporates the traditions, values and cultures of our ethnic components and thereby have a unified front to address common societal issues that ethnic groups are constantly faced with in the process of their of their integration to the Canadian lifestyle.

HBB is therefore a multi-socio-cultural organization that aims to break the barriers of ethnic differences.

HBB intends to organize and hold cultural shows, rallies, workshops, seminars, multicultural fairs, celebrations of ethnic festivals and events organized by individual ethnic groups, arrange social gatherings, raise funds for humanitarian and other worthy causes such as disaster relief and more.

HBB will make representations to government and international bodies to raise concerns or awareness about issues of interest to the HBB and the fulfillment of its cherished dream of breaking barriers of ethnic differences and establishing a "Heritage Beyond Borders".

This is an ambitious enterprise by a gentleman who has paid his dues and learned how to organize. It has drawn the support of people of all cultural groupings and ages. To show interest or for more information feel free to contact Neel Nanda at 416-693-7311 or 416-735-7311.
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