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Help! Our childhood memories are gradually being shared
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New Years greetings to all!
Many of you will have read “when the Noise had Ended’ which relates the memories of some of the children who lived in the Geislingen DP camp over 60 years ago.

It is currently being translated into Estonian and the authors all await eagerly what the 'native' language variant will be like. From being involved with the process and being enthusiastically supported by authors of some of the stories in monitoring this mammoth task I suspect that book too will be an exciting read apart from brushing up the Estonian reading skills of my cohort.

It would be remiss of Priit and me not to thank three very diligent members of the team involved in the translation: Liivi Joe, and Juri and Indrik Linask. Liivi has been the hands on person in Estonia in keeping the project afloat. Juri has been proof reading any conjectured translations and Indrik has paid meticulous attention to clarification of data such as names etc. It's been truly a team effort.

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