Happy 90th from sunny Catalonia!
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Upon first seeing the elegant bottles of Spanish red wine bearing a silver 90, it was easy to assume it was a bizarre coincidence. Instead, this was an independence day present of sorts from iseseisvusjanuline Kataloonia, a place “thirsty for independence,” as local wine aficionado and Eesti Ekspress journalist Kalev Kesküla put it.

Eesti has its share of berry and fruit wines, but these special occasion “vabariigi veinid”, Covides Winery 2001 reserve red (or Rouge de la République?), along with two cavas: semiseco and brut, were the perfect accompaniment to a Vabariigi aastapäeva gathering.

New times call for new traditions!

Additional trivia:
* Aficionado suits this context perfectly, since it originates from the Spanish word aficionar (to inspire affection) and one of its meanings is "a person who takes a great interest in bullfighting, but who is not himself a bullfighter". (Gage Canadian Dictionary)
* Cava is a type of white or pink sparkling wine, produced mainly in the Penedes region in Catalonia, Spain, 40 km south-west of Barcelona. Its name is derived from the Catalan word for cellar.
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Vaata veel ...

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