HANDSCAPES at UN Headquarters
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The Estonian art exhibition HANDSCAPES opened on Thursday, February 23rd at the UN Headquarters in New York. The exhibit is marking the sixtieth anniversary of the United Nations and the fifteenth year of Estonia's UN membership and is carried by the idea of unified efforts in achieving Millennium Development Goals.

Ms Thoraya Ahmed Obaid, Executive Director of the the United Nations Population Fund, Mr Mart Kalm Ph.D, Professor of the Estonian Academy of Arts and Head of the Institute of Art History participated in the opening ceremony. Remarks were made by Ms Tiina Intelmann, Estonian Ambassador to the United Nations.

The motto of the exhibit says: Hand in hand, in unanimity, hope is created. All open palms have a lifeline - a river that in every human being is looking for its way to the ocean. Listen: united, the waters thunder. The exhibit presents a collection of photographs, paintings and installations depicting the images of hands, ending in the formation of hand-landscapes - HANDSCAPES, generating the power of unity.

The artists: Jüri Ojaver, Ülle Marks, Jüri Kass and Alice Kask - currently presenting their works at the exhibit belong to different generations and use different techniques, still expressing the same image. Jüri Ojaver is an artist who has been very successful with his installations. His works are first of all based on intuition and inspired by the material he uses (he favours stone, wood and tin).

Ülle Marks and Jüri Kass demonstrate postmodern landscapes, where traditional colorful and harmonious scenery is translated into the human body - mountains and dells, ridges and open countries. New meanings are given to the traditional landscape painting and to the landscape itself, as well as to the human body. Alice Kask is a young Estonian artist with a serious, in-depth, profound and new figurative representation of humans in paint.

More information: http://www.un.org/events/UNART... and

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