Gold Medals won by Estonian Gymnasts in Toronto
Eestlased Kanadas 06 May 2014  EWR
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Two exciting tournaments were held in Toronto, Canada, this past weekend: the 7th annual “Koop Cup” showcasing traditional gymnastics and the first ever “Four Continents Championships” in Aesthetic Rhythmic Gymnastics (AGG).

The International Gymnastics Federation (FIG) tournament "Koop Cup" brought together gymnasts from nine countries this year. Estonian gymnast Carmel Kallemaa of the gymnastics club "Janika" from Estonia won five gold medals in the senior category being the best in hoop, ball, ribbon, club routines and winning the all-around competition.

The mission of the “Four Continents Championships” organizers is to develop this beautiful sport on all continents: Africa, Asia, Australia and the Americas (North, Central and South). Eighteen groups from eight countries participated in the competitions. The “Kalev Estienne” gymnastics club (Canada) group "Rhythmic Expressions" made history by finishing first place. The winning group included Estonian gymnasts Laura Käis and Noella-Madlee Pärn, who have been living and training in Canada for several months.

Both competitions have strong Estonian roots with well-known gymnastics developer and promoter Evelyn Koop. This year's organizing committee included respected gymnastics professionals Janika Mölder and Ülle Träss. Several Estonian volunteers from both Canada and Estonia contributed to the success of the competitions. Numerous Estonian fans gathered at the Mattamy Athletic Centre in Toronto to support the Estonian gymnasts.

Koop Cup 2014/Seniors All-Around

1.Carmel Kallemaa (Estonia)
2.Maki Misawa (Japan)
3.Hannah Walter (USA)

Four Continents Championships/Senior Group Finals

1.Rhythmic Expressions (Canada)
1.Team Shaoin (Japan)
3.Jusco (Canada)

Kaupo Kallemaa
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