Global Estonians: Gerda Miller (London)
Eestlased Inglismaal 27 May 2013  EWR
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By Julia Ahtijainen in People ·
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Gerda is a professional make-up artist, who has her own outstanding style and look. Tartu-born and East-London-based, she loves art and films. I met Gerda when she had just finished preparations for her second exhibition called “One Side of the Story“, in collaboration with photographer Heikki Leis, and found some coffee and cake time. Smiling, pink-haired, inked, cute combined with creepy, always wearing perfect make-up, dedicated and ambitious – Gerda answered some of my style & make-up and London-related questions.
Gerda, what are your memories of the fashion world from the time when you were still an easily influenced teenager?

When I was a teenager, I mainly had time for hip-hop and rap music. So I was wearing baggie jeans and tight tops with hoodies, and did lot of booty-shake.. Hehee..

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