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*Giant Rummage Sale and Bake Sale/Friends’ Café at the Estonian House* Estonian Life
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*Giant Rummage Sale and Bake Sale/Friends’ Café at the Estonian House*
Don’t miss the upcoming Giant Rummage Sale!
The Giant Rummage and Bake Sale will take place at the Estonian House on April 29, 8.00-3.00. The Bake Sale will be organized by Friends’ Café. We are looking for donations! Donations will be accepted on April 25, 11-9, April 27, 6-9, April 28, 11-7. Bring your baked goods too!
The AKEN Giant Rummage Sale is in its 26th year, with happy customers and happy volunteers each year. Please donate, please come and join us as a volunteer, and please come to buy!! Enjoy the satisfaction and camaraderie!
This year we are teaming up with Textile Waste Diversion in addition to Oasis, to take the leftovers. Textile Waste Diversion recycles textiles and accessories that are not suitable for re-use. Remember, Reduce, Re-Use and Recycle!
For information, please contact 416-419-9507

1) Happy volunteers turned customers.
2) Lots to choose from in the hat department.
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Aug 19 2017 - Muskokas
Kotkajärve Metsaülikool
Aug 20 2017 - Muskokas
Kotkajärve Metsaülikool

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