Fundraiser by Tom Mae : In Search of Our Fathers: Baltics
Eestlased Kanadas 02 Jan 2018 EWR OnlineEWR
Tom Mae and Reet Mae, Producers/directors of Vabaduse mustrid, Patterns of Freedom, an award winning feature documentary on the stories of the Estonian women of the 1944 Baltic Diaspora are now collecting stories for their new project "In Search of Our Fathers".

This new project developed from their desire to understand the stories of the men of the 1944 Baltic Diaspora, and to gather the experiences of those who still remain with us.

We are putting ourselves into position to apply for outside funding to allow us to complete 6 short stories of Estonian/Baltic men’s stories of their experiences during WWII. These stories are not well known and they constitute our living history. For that, we need seed money in the amount of 25 K plus. That will allow us to submit an initial grant request for up to 100 K. That grant is due the 26 of January, so there is some urgency for us to pull this funding together. We have a grant writer who is fairly confident of success if the money is raised. The first film Lipu Heiskamine, is our proof of concept and has already received a number of festival awards.

Your support will ensure that our Baltic history is preserved and made known to a world wide audience. This will be a usefull tool for schools, universities and making our stories known.