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Big Thank You and New Opportunity
Ülle Veltmann, our beloved kohvik’u keeper has announced her retirement from the café portion of her business. She will still continue to serve our community with catering and is happy to provide pirukad and other baked goods to order. The Toronto Estonian House Board wishes Ülle all the best and is grateful for over 12 years of service that she has provided to our Eesti Maja.

With this we announce the opportunity to lease the café. We are open to discussions about different locations of the building and the terms of the agreement.
Please send your proposal to Raivo Remmel c/o The Toronto Estonian House if you are interested by Dec. 19, 2016 and contact Ingrid Laar, 416-461-7963, or if you have any questions. The space can be available as soon as January 1, 2017.

Do not miss the Rahvajõulupuu at Eesti Maja on Dec. 10. Tickets are available at the Estonian Foundation of Canada office next door to the Estonian House.
Drop in to the Estonian House office to ask about hall rentals and room bookings for your next event, and remember that Estore has a great selection of Christmas gifts! Estore hours are Tuesdays and Thursdays 3:00-8:00 and Saturdays 11:00-2:00 or by appointment by calling 416-461-5799.

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