From the Estonian American National Council:
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From the Estonian American National Council:
Please distribute and contact Senator Schumer!

On June 3, 2008, Senator Charles E. Schumer (D-NY) published an article in The Wall Street Journal entitled “Russia Can Be Part of the Answer on Iran.” Sen. Schumer proposes that the United States abandon plans for NATO's anti-missile system in Central Europe as it “mocks Mr. Putin's dream of eventually restoring Russian hegemony over Eastern Europe.” He also proposes to recognize Russia’s “traditional role” in the Caspian region, and “make Russia whole if it joins in our Iranian boycott.”

Sen. Schumer suggests these actions to coerce Russia to join in a boycott to impose stronger economic sanctions against Iran, in order to deter Iran from developing nuclear weapons.

The full article can be viewed at:, and is also below.
For your convenience, below is a sample letter to Senator Schumer. Please revise as you wish or write your own version, but the main thing is to express your opposition to „Russian hegemony over Easter Europe.” You can send your correspondence via e-mail to or fax: 202-228-3027 (Washington, D.C. office). If you live in New York State, it is especially important for you to voice your opinion!

The Honorable Charles E. Schumer
United States Senate
Washington, D.C. 20510

Dear Senator Schumer:

As an Estonian American (if applicable) and your constituent ( if applicable), I was deeply distressed by your June 3, 2008, opinion piece in The Wall Street Journal entitled “Russia Can Be Part of the Answer on Iran.” The country of Estonia, and my relatives and compatriots, suffered greatly under “Russian hegemony over Eastern Europe.” I was utterly shocked by your suggestion that the nation of my ancestors, as well as all of the other Central and East European countries, who only recently were able to regain their freedom from Soviet occupation, be used as trade commodities in order to appease or entice Russia.

For decades Estonians were mercilessly persecuted by Russia, whose “greatness” you suggest Mr. Putin to restore. Yet, in your opinion piece, you find it possible to suggest that modern-day Russia be allowed to dominate the independent nations of Central and East Europe in order for the U.S. to achieve its goals.

Your recommendations and suggestions are incongruent with America’s long-maintained stand of never recognizing the incorporation of Estonia, nor of the other two Baltic countries of Latvia and Lithuania, by the Soviet Union. The United States has been extremely supportive of the countries in the former Soviet bloc as they have striven to eliminate Russian hegemony in Central and East Europe and establish themselves as independent, vibrant, and democratic nations. Proposals such as yours suggest that the United States, the strongest democratic state in the world, play into Russia’s longing for its past “greatness and glory,” achieved by the domination of others, and allow it to again control other nations.

While I agree that an Iran with nuclear capability is a threat, this is not the way to deal with it! I respectfully call upon you to publicly retract your statements in the Wall Street Journal op-ed, and to indicate your support for the continued independence of all Central and East European countries.

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