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Alberta’s Estonians 1899-2009
Book Compiled by Dave Kiil and Eda McClung

The history of Alberta’s Estonians dates back to 1899 and the arrival of two brothers looking for freedom, land, and a place to catch fish. It’s a story of pioneers and refugees, adventurers and scholars; a story of courage, renewal, and assimilation; a story of success.

The book is the culmination of a heritage project of the Alberta Estonian Heritage Society. The seeds for this ambitious initiative were planted by Estonian President Lennart Meri during his visit to Alberta in 2000. His imagination was caught up by the story of Alberta’s adventurous pioneers who braved hardships to find a new life. He suggested that “we have done very little to try to discover the recorded history of Estonians abroad. So with your help and interest…we will move forward.”

The selections presented in the book tell the story about pioneers and refugees from Estonia and their collective efforts to establish themselves in Alberta. They tell stories about individuals and families facing a new life in their adopted homeland. Finally, they also tell stories about communities they helped to build and efforts to preserve their cultural heritage through enterprise, music and community celebrations.
A project of the Alberta Estonian Heritage Society

The book is organized into two parts. Part One highlights the legacy of the early pioneers. Part Two documents the history of post World War II immigrants and extends to present-day activities and achievements. The book is richly illustrated with over 200 photos, tables and maps covering the 110-year history of Alberta’s Estonian community.

For the first time, an English translation is available of earlier articles about the history of Alberta’s Estonians. This fascinating story is of interest to descendants of pioneers as well as a worldwide audience.

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