Foreign Ministry to begin updating foundations of Estonian Security Policy
Archived Articles 02 Apr 2009  EWR
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On March 30th the Estonian government security commission confirmed the schedule for updating Estonia’s security policy.

Foreign Minister Urmas Paet noted that a wider understanding of the meaning of EU and NATO membership and the opportunities associated with membership has developed in Estonia. “Ensuring security is an ongoing process that does not end with accession to NATO,” emphasised Foreign Minister Urmas Paet after the session of the security commission. “Threats to the security environment have diversified over the last five years, for example in the energy and cyber security realms but also in arms control,” said the foreign minister, explaining the rationale behind periodic reviews of the foundations of security policy.

The new conception is being compiled five years after Estonia’s accession to NATO and will be completed at the Foreign Ministry by autumn of this year. The currently valid security policy principles were approved by the Riigikogu in 2004. The document can be read on the Foreign Ministry’s website at
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