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Folk-dance Festival in Tallinn 2009
Archived Articles 10 Jul 2009 Eva VabasaluEesti Elu
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Paltry words cannot capture the magnificence of over 7,000 folk-dancers’ enthusiastic performance and superlatives fail to express the full impact of richness levied on spectators. The success of this event held July 3, 4 and 5 was due equally to 45 dance leaders/choreographers who wove together a show of epic proportion.

The central theme was naval – waves, wind, boats and all else that consummates the relationship of Estonians and the sea. The eye was not able to capture all before it, scanning back and forth attempting to seize as much as possible of the grand spectacle. It was a landscape of visual art created by moving armies of elegance. Astounding in its enormity, intricacy and attention to colour co-ordination it was nationalism in motion as waves of radiance undulated before our eyes...make that emotionally teary eyes. Intellect has difficulty comprehending the immense effort that went into such a production. To the choreographers, dancers and all who contributed, thank you for infusing our hearts and souls with such resplendence.
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