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On Dec 10 the the Ottawa Finnish community celebrated its annual Christmas service at St. Peter's Lutheran Church in downtown Ottawa.
The minister Rev. Matti Terho from Montreal presided over the servicand the past organist of the Ottawa church , Mai-Yu Chan played .as a faithful supporter of the Finnish congregation.
It was a lovely event. The violinist Lisa Taras surprised us with an exquisite Sibelius Waltz and Rondino.. The Ottawa Finnish Singers sang 2 Finnish songs,one of which was a cappella A medley of Finnish Christmas songs were played by Jan Jarvlepp , the cellist, Lisa and Mai-Yu. A group of young girls in designer angel costumes helped out with the offering. At the end of his sermon the pastor read out the greeting from the President of Finland on the occasion of Finland's 100 the anniversary, Dec . 6. The postlude was Chopin's Valse Brillante, played by Armas Maiste.
Following the service the congregation enjoyed a light buffet and raffle. It was particularly poignant celebration knowing we had a war veteran in our midst, Erik Jarvlepp.
The participants form back row fist: Organist Mai-Yu Chan, Jan Jarvlepp, Lisa Taras., Pastor Matti Terho.
First row: the Singers: Jane Staples, Marja-Leena Majeed, director Margit Viia-Maiste, Mirja Kapsalis, Marja-Leena Keast, Julie Dustin, and Margareeta Hollo..
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