Finnish films and more
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Finnish films and more
Off to a good start with films and lectures:

Tomorrow, Friday January 18, 6.30 pm it will time to take a seat at ARC 202 – The Pit at the Ryerson U Department of Architecture, 325 Church Street and sit back to listen to Brian Lutz give a talk on his recently published book, Eero Saarinen: Furniture of Everyman.

Brian Lutz has worked for Knoll, New York and Artek Oy in Helsinki and Eero Saarinen is the designer son of famous Finnish architect Eliel Saarinen.

This event is a co-presentation with Canada-Finland Chamber of Commerce and Canadian Friends of Finland. Admission is free, everyone welcome. Info: 416 979 5360 Map:

Marimekko, with Love comes to the Textile Museum, 55 Centre Avenue (at Dundas West near University) on Monday, January 21 until April 21, 2013. Opening hours 11.00 am to 5 pm, Wednesdays 11 to 8.

More about the exhibit:

Wednesday January 23 at 7pm at Town Hall, Innis College, 2 Sussex Ave (at St George), screening of Hella W, presented by the Canadian Friends of Finland.

Hella Wuolijoki, b.1886 in Estonia, had an extraordinary life in Finland as a writer, politician, head of the Finnish Public Broadcasting Company 1945-1949, a prisoner for high treason during war years to round off her CV with some more colour.

She worked with famed German writer Bertolt Brecht on Herr Puntila und sein Knecht Matti and her plays about the Niskavuori dynasty are the Downton Abbey of Finland with film and tv adaptions that have been hugely popular.

She also has a dynasty of her own in arts and politics – director Juha Wuolijoki is her great-nephew and the current Finnish Minister for Foreign Affairs, Erkki Tuomioja, is her grandson.

Subtitled in English, tickets $12, online at or reserve yours at 416 730 8350 or

More about the film, including trailer:

Nordic Nights continue Tuesday, January 29 with When Finland came to Sámiland (Suomi tuli Saamenmaahan) at the Rogers Communications Centre, Eaton Lecture Theatre 2nd floor at 80 Gould Street (at Church). Doors open 6.30 pm, screening starts at 7pm

Director Anja Ahola lets the main protagonists, a former student and son of the teachers who also attended the school, unhurriedly tell the multilayered story in this documentary about residential schools in Northern Finland established to educate and assimilate the Sami. The children were only allowed to speak Finnish and were separated from their families for most of the year exacting a heavy toll on them.

The evening is co-presented with Ryerson School of Image Arts and starts with short films by Ryerson students from their visit to Iceland last summer.

Subtitled in English, admission is free.
Map (look for link to RCC):

Upcoming: Restructuring of the Finnish Banking Industry: A Success Story – lecture by Pertti Voutilainen

See you at the movies,
Laura McSwiggan
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