Finnish Continuation War film
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The battle of the Continuation War between Finland and the USSR was the greatest battle in Scandinavian history.

In the Summer of 1944, the Soviets conducted a major offensive intended to overrun the country, broke through Finnish Defences, in the Karelian Isthmus. Somehow, the undermanned and determined Finns were able to stop them.

This decisive Finnish victory lead ultimately to ensure Finnish Independence. Some 60,000 soldiers were involved, and over 20,000 killed.

Directed by Ake Lindman, legendary actor & director, and Sakari Kirjavainen.

Tali - Ihantala 1944 Part 1

Tali - Ihantala 1944 Part 2 Parts 3 – 6 easy to locate

Tali – Ihantala 1944 Part 7
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