Financing Scandal Expands to Centre Party
Eestlased Eestis 25 May 2012  EWR
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Ott Tammik, ERR News
The Prosecutor's Office said that the secretary general of the Centre Party, MP Priit Toobal, is under suspicion of forging documents and funneling funding of undeclared origin into the party's budget.

Toobal has denied any wrongdoing, according to a Centre Party spokesman.

The prosecutor suspects that Toobal received roughly 10,000 euros in party donations in 2010 and 2011, which he declared as coming from individuals that the prosecutor said have not actually donated to the party.

The high-profile case launched this week against the Reform Party centred on similar allegations of hiding funding sources.

The suspicion is one addition to a heap of surmounting controversies that Toobal faces. Earlier this month, the prosecutor cleared Toobal and another Centre Party MP of an influence peddling suspicion related to 2011 European Capital of Culture contracts.

At the same time another criminal investigation, also involving Toobal, continues into the case of stealing the e-mail correspondence of a prominent Social Democrat. The printed correspondence was found by the National Security Agency KAPO during a search of the Centre Party headquarters last fall.

On Friday, Toobal deemed the prosecutor's announcement as a "political attack against the Centre Party.” "I have constantly been eavesdropped on and followed for two years,” he said.
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