FIFTY-FIFTY entertains at The Seanachai
Eestlased Kanadas 28 Jan 2010 Adu RaudkiviEWR
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Straight from the Chick’n‘Deli, where they performed together last, these musicians have found a name and a new venue ... an Irish pub with a name hard to pronounce. And interestingly enough, Seanachai means storyteller in Gaelic. Go figure those Irish. The infusion of Estonians in an Irish watering-hole meant that on January 22 this Danforth pub was packed to, well, over-flowing.

The group, advertised on their e-invite to the event as FIFTY-FIFTY, is fronted by lead singer Rosie Lindau, also a noted Estonian choir leader, who was born to entertain in song. Co-leader Peeter Kopvillem, lead guitarist and vocalist, won't be giving up his day job anytime soon since he is number two person at Maclean’s, Canada’s weekly news magazine. Kopvillem’s daughters Leiki and Keila contributed to the performance on vocals as well. Bass guitarist Eric Soostar and drummer Tõnis Tõllasepp round out the band.

Andrei, the entertainment director of the Seanachai, said "we hope to have this group here perhaps every five weeks." Andrei, who is Irish, even though his name suggests otherwise, has been involved with Estonians and local cultural events for quite some time.

In true Irish pub style passing the jar around pays the group. The Estonian version of that tradition is that it is Rosie who passes the jar around. And nobody says no to Rosie.
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