Far-Right Ukrainian Opposition Group Vows 'Guerrilla' War'
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Claire Bigg and Oleksandr Lashenko, RFE/RL, January 22, 2014
As Ukraine's pro-European protests descend into violence, with demonstrators sustaining their first fatalities, attention has focused on the far-right youth group many have blamed for radicalizing the protest movement.

Activists from Pravyy Sektor (Right Sector), a loose alliance of nationalist organizations, have been at the forefront of the bloody clashes that have pitted protesters against police since January 19. At least two demonstrators were shot dead on January 22.

Andrei Tarasenko, Pravyy Sektor's coordinator, warned of a full-blown civil war if police continued to use force against the protesters:

"If they attack and try to carry out a bloody crackdown, I think there will be a massacre," he told RFE/RL. "Guerilla warfare will begin in Ukraine."

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