Events dedicated to the 20th Anniversary of the Baltic Way
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(Courtesy of Danute Dūra, director of the Education Programme, Museum of the Occupation of Latvia)

The Baltic Way website:

The Latvian National Commission for UNESCO has made a website, which is dedicated to the nomination of the Baltic Way for the UNESCO Memory of the World Programme. An informative presentation „The Baltic Way – a human chain linking three states in their drive for freedom (1989 – 2009)” is available on the website in Latvian and in English. The materials included in the presentation feature the historical background of the Baltic Way, the way it was held, the significance and the remembrance of it after 10 and 20 years, as well as about the nomination in the UNESCO Memory of the World Programme. The presentation will be available for everyone and will tell about the history and meaning of the Baltic Way in a non-commercial way.

"NEWS" section of the website provides information on events in 2009, dedicated to the 20th Anniversary of the Baltic Way.
Contact person: Zane Paula- Pāvula, The Latvian National Commission for UNESCO, 67325109,

Photo Project „The Baltic Way 1989-2009. How it happened.”
In July 2007, with the support from the European Cultural Foundation, young photographers from Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania went on a two- week trip along the Baltic Way route. Following this symbolic route, young photographers with some childhood memories about the Baltic Way took pictures from their point of view, with perception and understanding they have 20 years after the campaign. This road not only has symbolic and historical value, it also reflects the everyday life in the Baltic states as it leads both along main roads (VIA Baltica) and small countryside roads. In Latvia the project was organized by an association “UrbanTrip”, which bases its activities on socially meaningful photography.

More information:
Contact person: Ervins Labanovskis, assosiation „UrbanTrip”, ,

The 20th Anniversary of the Baltic Way – priority of the Baltic Assembly 2009
Resolution on the 20th Anniversary of the Baltic Way, and more detailed information is available on the Baltic Assembly website:

Interesting articles about the Baltic Way:
Ojārs Kalniņš “Where there’s a Wall, there’s a Way”

Article on the website “1989-2009 Europe, Whole and Free”, in section “Your memories”.
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Sandra Kalniete „The Baltic Way fulfilled”
“Three national movements knew how to implement the Baltic Entente idea of the first Minister of Foreign Affairs, Zigfrids Meirovics. Henceforth, all the significant actions or decisions were mutually agreed upon. The highest manifestation of this concord became the Baltic Assembly, which gathered for the first time on 14 and 15 May, 1989 in Tallinn. The Assembly accepted the Declaration on the Rights of the Baltic Nations, Declaration of the Economic Independence of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, Resolution on Stalinist Crimes and Call to Conference on Security and Co-operation country leaders, Secretary General of UNO and the Chairperson of the Presidium of the USSR Supreme Council. [..]

Henceforward, the Baltic Council, founded within the Assembly, spoke to the world on behalf of our three nations. Until the regaining of independence, seven meetings of the Baltic Council were held. It was the Baltic Council which encouraged to join hands in the Baltic Way on August 23, so that this unprecedented action would remind the world that the Baltic states still remain victims of the Ribbentrop-Molotov Pact, signed 50 years ago.”
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Ivars Godmanis „About the 31 May Appeal of the Board of the Popular Front of Latvia.” Atmoda. 24 July, 1989, page 2
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