Europe freezes as deadly cold spreads west
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Deutsche Welle, 02.01.2012
Temperatures have hit record lows in central, eastern EuropeMore than 80 people have died in a severe cold snap in Europe, most in Ukraine. Heavy snow has disrupted travel and shipping, as the winter weather spreads west.

A severe cold snap that has killed more than 80 people over the past five days has spread, resulting in record low temperatures and heavy snow in much of eastern and central Europe.

Most of the victims have been in Ukraine, where 40 people have died of hypothermia. Twenty-one of those victims were homeless, found frozen on the streets. More than 450 others have been hospitalized with hypothermia and frostbite, according to health officials.

Bildunterschrift: Großansicht des Bildes mit der Bildunterschrift: The homeless are most at risk of hypothermiaTemperatures are expected to fall to minus 28 degrees Celsius (minus 18 degrees Fahrenheit) in the Ukrainian capital, Kyiv, on Wednesday.

Schools, nurseries and colleges have been shut down and authorities have set up hundreds of heated shelters with hot tea and food for the homeless.

In Poland, where the mercury sank to minus 27 degrees Celsius on Tuesday, national police said the death toll had hit 27.

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