Europe considers Estonian healthcare system very successful
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Baltic Course, Tallinn, 27.01.2015
When comparing European health care systems, it emerged that Estonia can offer the best price-quality ratio in healthcare services, LETA/Postimees Online reports.

Estonia is located in the 2014 Euro Health Consumer Index (EHCI) on the 17th place, having collected 677 points out of the possible 1,000 points, announced the Health Consumer Powerhouse (HCP). As compared to the 2013 index, Estonia has improved its position by 5 spots. Estonia improved its total score by 53 points.

The top position in the overall list goes till to the Netherlands (898 points out of the possible 1,000 points), followed by Switzerland, Norway, Finland and Denmark. The study involved 36 countries and Scotland.

However, when it comes to healthcare services' cost-effectiveness, Estonia does not only outperform the other Baltic States, but also all other EU Member States. HCP said that with all 28 EU member states and eight other European countries included in the EHCI project, it becomes apparent that the index tries to compare states with very different financial resources.

Thus, as a separate exercise, the EHCI 2013 added a value for money-adjusted score: the Bang-For-the-Buck adjusted score. According to the Bang-For-the-Buck adjusted score in ECHI 2014, Estonia is on the second position in the list after FYR Macedonia, and followed by Albania and Finland. "Estonia keeps doing well within its financial capacity. It might be that the “steel bath” forced upon Estonia after the financial crisis helped cement the cost-effective streaks of Estonian healthcare," the report states.

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