Eurochannel's April Movie Programme Devoted to Estonia
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Estonian Review
The April movie programme of Eurochannel, which is distributed outside Europe, is this year dedicated to Estonia. Among other things, the movies “Shop of Dreams” and the series “Class: Life After” will be shown.

The programme that focuses on a different country each month started on Eurochannel six years ago, Gustavo Veinstein, President of Eurochannel, told BNS. Three years ago representatives of Eurochannel visited the Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival (PÖFF) and discovered the Estonian programme for themselves.

The idea of having an Estonian month on Eurochannel was born a year ago. Vainstein said that it took a little time to put together the programme, but it was not difficult as the quality of Estonian movies is high.

In addition to “Shop of Dreams” and “Class: Life After”, other works to be shown are “Night of the Carrots”, “Karl and Marilyn”, and “Still Alive” will be shown. In addition, Eurochannel will show Estonian Movie 100 advertisement clips.

Eurochannel is a television channel presenting European culture and lifestyle that is distributed in South America, the United States, Canada, the Caribbean, Angola, Mozambique, Portugal, and South Korea. The programme of European origin alone is shown in English, Spanish, Portuguese, Polish and Korean.
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