Euro establishes itself in Estonia
Eestlased Eestis 07 Feb 2011  EWR
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Helsingin Sanomat
In a Tallinn neighbourhood dominated by wooden houses, the artistic group Nool managed to acquire 56 sacks of shredded banknotes of the old Estonian currency, the kroon. The group filled the six-square-metre Metropol gallery with money and turned it into a swimming pool of sorts.

“Every day someone wants to bathe in money”, says artist Triinu Jürves.

A group of young women jumps from a pier into the shredded money, screaming as they go. The denominations can be distinguished only on the basis of their colour: red pieces of paper are from 10-kroon banknotes, the green ones are from fifties, and the blue is from banknotes of 100 kroon.

The money bath is an appropriate time to discuss people’s experiences with the euro, which has been replacing the kroon from the beginning of the year.

“There are lots of coins, and they’re easy to lose”, Kärt Hammer says.

“It’s a little strange to look at my bank account and there’s only four euros there”, says Marli-Triin Eiskop.

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