EU President Hungary says it is prepared to change controversial media law
Rahvusvahelised uudised 06 Jan 2011  EWR
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With anger mounting over its controversial media law, new EU president Hungary appears to have bowed to its critics, saying it will change the law if necessary.

Speaking to a select group of foreign journalists in the Hungarian capital, Budapest, Prime Minister Viktor Orban said his government was willing to cooperate if the European Union deemed the law unacceptable in its current form.

"We are part of the EU, and there are rules to the game," Orban told foreign reporters, just hours before a flag-passing ceremony in Brussels formally hands the EU Presidency from Belgium to Hungary.

But he also lashed out at EU member states like France and Germany, who have been critical of the law, saying it was up to the EU, not individual countries, to weigh in on the issue. If Hungary has to change its laws, he said, then those countries should do so as well.

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