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Ethnic media briefing at Toronto City Hall
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A recent briefing for the ethnic media, held in Toronto City Hall, hosted by Mayor David Miller and managers from every department, introduced a series of new systems that make news gathering much easier, especially to those media members on a limited budget, or organizations that don't have the need to post a full time reporter at city hall.

Miller, (who looks somewhat Estonian, an appearance added to by the fact that he was wearing an Estonian lapel pin from the Estonian Central Council in Canada at the briefing) said he, too, like many in attendance, was born outside Canada. He spoke of being in Seoul, Korea where he chaired the Committee of 80, composed of major cities of the world. "None (of those cities) were from Estonia unfortunately," said Miller.

One of the new systems is a telephone hot line that should be up and running this month. It can be contacted by dialing "311" and the directory gives information on all municipal issues in 173 languages, Estonian included. For the few Estonians living full-time in Toronto that do not speak English this will be a great relief.

Toronto’s website will provide a variety of information including latest news (such as CUPE strikes developments), living in Toronto, doing business in Toronto, visiting Toronto (when guests come from Estonia and you wonder where to take them this site is ideal), accessing City Hall, providing info on City Council, City wards, divisions, committees, task forces, agencies, boards and commissions, publications, forms and applications, initiatives and services. (This surfing expedition can be more fun than going to a movie!)

But first off, call 311 and ask to speak in Estonian.
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