ESTRIP-1 deployed to Kosovo
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The Estonian Armed Forces have sent a platoon of soldiers, ESTRIP-1, to Kosovo. The unit arrived there on February 14, 2007. 
A contingent of 26 reconnaissance soldiers will serve with the Danish Battalion, with whom they trained with whom they trained on January 8 27, 2007 in Denmark, prior to their departure. Prior to that the platoon trained at Paldiski, at the peacekeeping training centre.
At Kosovo, in Mitrovica, ESTRIP-1 will be engaged in recon and search duties. The platoon is under the command of sub Lt. Lauri Kriisa.
During the departure parade, the Army staff officer Lt. Col. Indrek Sirel said, "The mission to Kosovo is very essential and Kosovo may be dangerous."
The "Kuperjanov" (a War of Independence military hero) infantry battalion, from which the departing platoon was drawn from,  saw its leader Major Eero Rebas attend his first departure ceremonies.
The Estonian Army has  been involved with NATO troops in Kosovo (KFOR) since November 1999.

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