Estowear Mother's Day Special
Eestlased Austraalias 05 May 2012  EWR
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10% off* Promotional Code MD0512
Valid until May 31, 2012

*10% off the following product range - all dresses and skirts. Please use the following Promotional Code MD0512 when shopping online.

Mother's Day is a time for sharing memories and enjoying time with your mum or grandmother.

Spoil your mum long after Mother’s Day is over with beautiful handicrafts made in Estonia.


Kes viib mind sängi süles? Kes äratab mind üles? Kes suudleb minu põske, kui põsk on nutust rõske? Kes parandab mu kleidi, kui kleit on katki veidi? Kes hakkab kinnast kuduma, kui kõik on läinud tuduma? Ei keegi muu kui tema, memmeke, mu ema!

Feliks Kotta
Tere! / Hello!

My name is Evelin Kark and I deal with Muhu embroidery, handmade embroidery and sales of embroidered garments.

Firstly, I would like to explain how I started out and how embroidery became part of my life.

I studied handicrafts at Kuressaares’s Technical School in Saaremaa, but somehow I thought at the time, I would probably never require this skill in the future. However, I was wrong! My grandmother once worked at “Uku Aru”, she embroidered everything herself and always wore embroidered clothes, so for my birthday once I asked her to embroider something onto a jumper for me. This attracted a lot of interest from my girlfriends, who all wanted an embroidered jumper. Hence it was time for me to take a needle and thread and begin to refine the art of embroidery again. It was a difficult and time consuming activity, but the result was beautiful. With that I began to find other embroiderers who could help since I had so many orders for embroidered garments. With a supply of embroidered dresses and jumpers I travelled from market to market across Estonia (Tartu, Viljandi, Pärnu, etc) to sell my garments. Following the success of the markets, I started selling my garments to various handicraft shops. Today I have 5 stores in Tallinn selling my embroidered garments. My work brings me great happiness, since these beautiful embroideries are loved by many people and I receive numerous praises about my work. With a tear in their eye, the older generation is especially moved to see such beautiful embroideries, which were in vogue of yesteryears and now are sincerely happy to once again relive this memorable moment in today’s fashionable embroidered garments.

The Muhu embroideries by Evelin Embroidery are the handicraft work of women from the islands of Muhu and Saaremaa and are the inspiration for Evelin's beautiful flower embroideries.

Embroidered garments are exclusive, charming and timeless and are gaining popularity today. Handmade embroideries give garments an unparalleled appeal and beauty. When you buy from us or have a cherished piece of clothing embroidered by us, you can be sure that you are exclusive and unique. Embroidery makes every woman feel feminine.

The Muhu and Saaremaa women have put their heart and soul into every single embroidery. Muhu embroidery is timeless and romantic, an ideal gift for your loved ones.

Sneak preview...

Exclusive to Esto Club members, this is where we preview what new products are about to be launched. A range of beautifully embroidered accessories from Muhu Island are about to be uploaded, so visit our website in the coming weeks...

Our Give Away is finished!!

And the winner is...

Our April give away has now closed. Heather from the United States has received a $100 Gift Voucher to spend on our online shop. Congratulations Heather!!!

Watch this space for more upcoming exciting new specials and give away's...

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Office Locations

Estowear has two offices. Estowear OÜ in Tallinn, Estonia is our Head Office for design, production, warehousing and distribution globally.

Estowear Pty Ltd in Sydney, Australia is our finance, web hosting and online payment gateway hub (hence all prices are in Australian dollars).

We are a collective of local Estonians and Australian born Estonians who travel between both countries.

Thank you for subscribing to our Esto Club newsletter and supporting Estowear! Until next newsletter, have a wonderful Mother's Day! Palju õnne emadepäevaks!!!

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