Estosadok (Eesti aiake): 2014 Winter Olympics - Sochi
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Some of the skiing events for the 2014 Winter Olympics (Sochi) will be held in an Russian village called Estosadok (Eesti Aiake), originally settled by Estonians in the mid to late 1800s. The author Tammsaare recuperated there from Tuberculosis (see the last paragraph below).

NBC's Universal Sports Channel sometimes broadcasts Russian TV on Saturday mornings.
Last Saturday was a segment of "People's of Russia" and highlighted the history of the village, which is about 1.5 hours from the Black Sea city of Sochi. They have an Estonian cultural center, festivals, etc that are all familiar to us as välis-eestlased.
Here are some links on Estosadok.

The house museum of the Estonian writer Anton Hansen Tammsaare will be reopened in Estosadok (Estonian Garden), a settlement in the territory of the Russian Black Sea resort of Sochi.

Festive events with the participation of Estonian representatives will take place there in September. Ants Paju, founder of the museum and coordinator of its refurbishment, told that opening of the museum, repaired with Estonian support, was largely connected with the local tourist season, which was now at its peak.

The events dedicated to the 130th birth anniversary of the writer and the 20th anniversary of the museum will take place on September 13 and so also the display is still incomplete.
A number of translations of Tammsaare's works, which have been made into more than 39 languages, will be sent to Sochi by fall. Paju said that Maarja Vaino, director of Tallinn's Tammsaare Museum, had done a lot to extend the display.

The Estonian Culture Ministry allocated 400,000 kroons (EUR 25,000) for the repair of the museum, established on Paju's initiative in 1988.

The museum has six rooms, including Tammsaare's memorial room. Tammsaare lived in Estosadok in 1912-1913.

Estosadok in Russia's Krasnodar region was established by Estonian peasants who emigrated there in the 1880s.
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