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Two Estonians that are making a return visit to the Toronto's Canadian National Exhibition this year.

Massage therapist Lidia Karpets who specializes in massage, reflexology, energy healing and ear candling among other things. Her concession is located in pavilion "B" of the Direct Energy Centre, along the East Wall at the North part of the pavilion, towards the right of the stage.

Just beside the stage is the Finnish craft concession where Siiri Ruccella, who is actually a hairdresser, will be working on infrequent days, selling everything from furs and crafts to Estonian T-shirts. The baseball caps, alas, are already gone. Siiri will also be organizing the Scandinavian Christmas Bazaar at the Estonian House on Saturday, November 7 from 9am until 4pm. There will be food, entertainment and she welcomes other vendors to participate by calling her at 416.602.1596.

There may be more Estonians participating but these two ladies are the first we have encountered so far. The Ex continues until Labour Day.
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