Estonia’s third aid shipment arrives in Georgia
Archived Articles 10 Dec 2008  EWR
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Estonia’s third aid shipment to Georgia, which was sent at the end of November and is meant to help children who suffered in the August conflict, reached Tbilisi on Tuesday, 9 December. The shipment was received at the Estonian Embassy in Tbilisi.

Estonian Ambassador Toomas Lukk expressed his satisfaction over the arrival of the shipment. “We will begin to distribute the aid in co-operation with the Georgian Association of Educators, the Ministry of Refugees and Accommodation, UNICEF, and non-profit organisations in Georgia,” explained Ambassador Lukk. This shipment is meant first and foremost for small children and contains 15 tonnes of children’s clothing, diapers, baby bottles, and baby food. The total weight of the shipment is almost 24 tonnes.

The aid shipment reached its destination after travelling from Estonia to Bulgaria’s Burgas Harbour, from there to Poti Harbour in Georgia, and then on to Tbilisi.

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