Estonia's Merko with partner to build music school in Ventspils for EUR 26 million
Kultuur 28 Dec 2016  EWR
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Baltic Course, Riga, 28.12.2016.
A consortium made up of SIA Merks, part of the listed Estonian AS Merko Ehitus group, and SIA Ostas Celtnieks have entered into a contract with the Komunala Parvalde municipal company of the western Latvian city of Ventspils to build a music school and a concert hall for 25.6 mln euros, Merko announced to the stock exhange.

SIA Merks is the lead partner in the consortium with a share of 65%.

The agreement covers the construction works of the Ventspils music school, a three-storey structure, and a 600-seat concert hall.

The value of the contract is 25.6 million euros exclusive of value added tax. The construction works will start in January 2017 and are scheduled to be completed in December 2018.
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