Estonia's contribution to dealing with world hunger
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European leaders may soon dedicate the funding necessary to help mitigate the impact of the world hunger crisis. We already encouraged them to do so by sending our petition with over 12,000 signatures to President Sarkozy's advisors. Now we need to put the pressure on Estonian Finance Minister Ivari Padar.

Ivari Padar and other EU finance ministers will be key in deciding the fate of the current European Commission proposal to give €1 billion leftover from the European budget to farmers in the developing world. Convince him to support giving the full €1 billion as additional assistance to those who need it most by sending him a short email:

Finance ministers throughout Europe have a lot on their minds right now. But it is crucial that in dealing with the financial crisis they don’t forget the hunger crisis, which will get worse if farmers don’t have the seeds and fertilizers they need for the next planting season. In the midst of global successes against poverty, we’ve also seen 75 million more people slip into hunger in the last year. Europe has a chance to turn this around, but only if we act now.

Thank you for taking part,

Roxane Philson,
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