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Estonians in Crimea 150th Jubilee
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The Estonian Society of Ukraine, their supporters, and friends announced September 09 through September 11, 2011 as the dates for the Estonians in Crimea 150th Jubilee.

Activities will begin on September 9th in Beregovojes (the Estonians’ 1861 settlement previously known as Samruk). The following day, September 10th, a conference in Eupatooria, will review the 150 year history of Estonian education and school activities in Crimea.

Festivities on the Jubilee's last day, September 11th, include a tour of Krasnodarka and surroundings (the Estonian settlement previously known as Kontshi Shavva). Descendants of the Crimea Estonians, people who want to learn more about the Crimean-Estonian settlements, and people interested in Crimea are invited to attend.

If you are considering attending , contact Mare Litnevska, chairperson of the Estonian Society of Ukraine. .

In preparation for the education history conference the Estonian Society in Crimea is collecting histories, documents, photographs, and memories about the school, teachers, school life of Estonians in Crimea between 1860ies-1930ies (after that the Estonian schools were closed). This information will be included in a book about the education in the Estonian settlements which will be available at the 2011 jubilee.

For this period in Crimean-Estonian history, the Society would appreciate personal histories, photos, and documents regarding school life--where and when students were taught, information about the teachers, what was included in the lessons, descriptions of the school buildings, and the role of home schooling, and teaching by siblings. Information is also desired for what teaching materials were used, what books did students use? Surviving student lesson / notebooks might help build a picture of day-to-day learning and school life.

The Society would welcome the receipt of relevant photos, documents, memories, and personal histories. Memories, even memory fragments when combine with records, photos and archives, can also help complete the picture of the school life of Estonians in Crimea. When known, please describe your contributed material (names, places and dates will be big help in the correct placement of unidentified materials received)

An example is printed in Estonian and Russian in the newspaper, Krimmi Eestlased. Mälestuskilde minu kooliajast (the memory fragments from my school time). The memories of Valter Käbal and his sister, written by Valter’s wife. (page 10 & 48

Here also is an article about collecting the memories (in Russian). Kogume mälestusi kooliajast (We are collecting the memories of the school time) page

The following website will do a satisfactory job by free translation (for comprehension) if you translate one or two sentences at a time,
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