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Estonians and CMHL tournament
Sport 13 Jan 2012 T.T.Eesti Elu
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During the Christmas break, the Estonian Ice once again participated in the Canadian Multicultural Hockey Championships(CMHL) tournament in Toronto.

This year’s team achieved its greatest success to date, winning its division by defeating teams representing Canada’s Indians (First Nations Firebirds) 8-2, the Korean Tigers 4-0, and the South Asian Indians (Monsoon) 8-2. Much of the Estonian Ice success stemmed from excellent team play, with the team’s scoring leaders being the ‘young guns’, Adam Migur, Mihkel Põldma and James Werner. There were also strong contributions from veterans Alex Kaju, Ian Mehisto and Markus Rosenberg, and in the
preliminary round the team also received stellar goaltending from Michael Sutt and Jamie (Stubbs) Harris.

Unfortunately the Estonian team’s good fortune ended in the semi finals when the swarming Koreans were able to take the lead late in the first period almost immediately after Werner hit the crossbar, after which the Koreans were able to manage the game into a 5-2 victory. The Estonians played hard, but found it difficult to sustain offensive pressure once they fell behind. Still their effort this year was noteworthy leaving supporters with expectations of even greater success in the future!
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