Estonians Among Most Active Internet Users in Europe
Eestlased Eestis 11 Feb 2012  EWR
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Estonian Review
It appears from a Eurobarometer study that Estonian citizens are considerably more active users of the internet and of social networks than citizens of other European countries. Sixty percent of Estonian citizens used the internet daily or almost daily and 31% used social networks. In Europe the respective indicators were 48% for daily use of the internet and 20% for the use of social networks.

The most frequent users of the internet are citizens of Iceland, Sweden, the Netherlands, and Denmark, where 80% of the citizens use the internet daily or almost daily. Social networks are also used the most frequently in those countries, particularly in Iceland, where 54% of the citizens use social networks daily or almost daily.

The highest percentage of very high media consumption citizens live on Iceland (82%) and in Sweden (79%). Estonia is in seventh place in terms of active media users. The percentage of very active media users is 53% and that of active ones 36%. The greatest number of low or very low media consumption citizens live in Portugal (54%) and Romania (53%).

Of media types European citizens prefer to view television, with 84% of Estonian citizens doing it daily or almost daily and 87% of citizens of Europe doing in daily. Radio falls into second place, with 67% of Estonian citizens and 51% of European citizens listening to it daily or almost daily.

The study was carried out last year in the period from 5-20 November in the 27 member countries of the European Union, in five candidate countries, and in North Cyprus.
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