Estonian Troops Make Afghanistan Highway Safer
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U.S. Embassy, Tallinn January 20, 2012
The Estonian infantry is a valued component of coalition efforts in Afghanistan, and they demonstrated their excellence yet again this week when Estcoy-13 company found 10 explosive devices (IEDs) and 17 caches of munitions during a 10-day operation.

The Estonian commander, Maj. Kaido Kivistik, noted that based on the effectiveness of the improvised explosive devices, the find should be seen as potentially saving hundreds of lives. The caches, which 52 weight-sensitive triggers for IEDs, components, one RPG launcher, small arms and ammunition, were discovered during the unit’s ten-day operation designed to clear the highway between Loy Mandah and Lashkar Gah.

This is the 24th such cache discovered by Estcoy-13 since their deployment in November 2011, during which time they have found and disarmed a total so far of 53 IEDs. Way to go Estcoy-13 and keep your heads down!
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