Estonian "Tangerines" nominated for Oscars
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The Baltic Course Tallinn, 16.01.2015.
[The] Estonian-Georgian feature film "Tangerines" was chosen among the nominees of the American Film Academy Awards or the Oscars in the Best Foreign Language Film category, LETA/Public Broadcasting reports.

The nominations were declared on Thursday in the Samuel Goldwyn Theatre in Beverly Hills.

In addition to the Estonian film, the Best Foreign Language Film category nominees include Argentinean film "Wild Tales," Mauritanian film "Timbuktu," Polish film "Ida" and Russian film "Leviathan".

The Oscars' gala takes place on February 22.

Tangerines was nominated also in the recent Golden Globe film awards in the best foreign movie category but there, "Leviathan" was chosen as the winner.

"Tangerines" takes place in Georgia, Caucasus in 1992, during the Civil War between Georgians and Abkhaz and is director Zaza Urushadze's (48) third full-length film. The main characters of the film are two men, descendants of Estonians who moved to Abkhaz a century ago, who are the last people in their village and find themselves taking care of injured soldiers from different sides of the conflict, trying to make peace between them.

The cinematographer is Rein Kotov, producers Ivo Felt (Allfilm/Estonia) and Zaza Urushadze (Cinema 24/Georgia). The majority of financing came from the Estonian production company.

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