Estonian Security Policy Concept Takes New Threats into Consideration
Eestlased Eestis 20 Apr 2010  EWR
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EMFA 20.04.2010

In his speech today in Riigkogu, Foreign Minister Urmas Paet emphasised that Estonia’s security policy concept is based on the objective to ensure the Estonian state’s independence and autonomy, territorial integrity, constitutional order, and the safety of the people.

Foreign Minister Urmas Paet stated that the security environment has become unpredictable and security threats more diverse, although the condition of Estonia, as a member of the EU and NATO, is ensured in the changing security environment. “The biggest difference between the renewed concept and the previous one from 2004 is Estonia’s broadening approach to security. Since 2004, events have taken place in the world that have continued to broaden our views on security,” explained Paet. “Estonia’s security policy takes into account all of the factors that affect our national security, regardless of where or how they are created. The implementation of the security policy includes all of the fields essential to ensuring security. For example, we are constantly becoming more involved in energy and cyber security; the activity and participation of civil society is also becoming increasingly important to security policy, as are the coherence of the society, public health, environmental security, and psychological protection,” said Paet.

According to Foreign Minister Paet, in order to ensure security it is necessary to advance both domestic and international co-operation. “The nation must have the opportunity to use, when necessary, all the resources for preventing threats or reducing their effect. Advancing co-operation gives added value for creating and improving our capability,” he added. Paet stressed that determining Estonia’s defence expenses takes place on the basis of NATO methodology. “Our goal is to achieve a defence expenses budget of 2% of the GDP and maintain that,” said Paet.

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