Estonian Security Police officer forcefully abducted and taken to Russia
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Pressikonverents KAPO majas
Director of the Estonian Security Police, Arnold Sinisalu
Foto: Ilmar Saabas
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Officer was abducted on gunpoint and taken to Russia by unidentified persons, Estonian officials have announced.

The State Prosecutor’s Office has just announced that the incident took place at 9 AM local time.

“Unidentified persons coming from Russia took the freedom of an Estonian Security Police officer on the territory of Estonia, near Luhamaa border crossing station. The officer was taken to Russia using physical force and at gunpoint,” said the statement.

“The officer was fulfilling his duties in connection to preventing a cross-border crime in taking place. Use of smoke grenades and intense interference with operative radio connections preceded the incident.”

A criminal investigation has begun.

Estonian Security Police and the State Prosecutor’s Office will be holding a press conference in an hour.
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