Estonian pub refuses to serve Russian-speaking guests after Russians set fire to WC
Archived Articles 26 Apr 2009  EWR
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MOSCOW, April 23 (RIA Novosti) - The Lost Continent, a pub in the Estonian capital of Tallinn, is refusing to serve clients who do not speak Estonian or English, Estonia's Postimees newspaper said on Thursday.

The bar's owner, Andre Matsovi, said the notice saying only Estonian- and English-speaking clients would be served in the pub appeared on the entrance after a group of Russian-speaking young people swore at a waitress, who did not understand Russian, and set fire to the men's restroom last Saturday.

The incident is being investigated by police.

(This RIA Novosti article also goes on to parrot the Moscow line ofRussian speakers having their rights infringed upon by Estonia’s language laws by noting that “Ethnic Russians account for about 30% of Estonia's 1.34 million population. Because of the Estonian-language element of the citizenship test, many have "non-citizen" status, which denies them a national passport and prevents them from voting.
International human rights organizations and the UN have repeatedly called on Estonia to make Russian its second official language, but successive governments have not changed the policy. “ - EE Online)
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