Estonian Prime Minister Reaffirms Goal To Join Eurozone
Archived Articles 22 Oct 2009  EWR
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Speaking at the Pärnu Management Conference “Kannapööre“ (U-turn), Prime Minister Andrus Ansip said that he believes that Estonia does not need a u-turn. We have the firm goal of joining the Eurozone and keeping our competitive and employment oriented tax policy. Also, Estonia’s birth rate is finally starting to improve again and our life expectancy is on the rise.

“You must not demolish a country during a crisis,” said Prime Minister Ansip, saying that Estonia’s strength has lied in its perseverance and consistency. “A conservative budget policy and keeping our finances in order definitely have been good for Estonia. It is a sign of the reliability of the business environment, which already is bringing new investments to Estonia,” he added. “Yes, economic development is cyclic in its nature and every upturn is followed by a downturn. But more importantly at the moment – every downturn is again followed by an upturn,” noted the Prime Minister.

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