Estonian Post Goes Digital
Eestlased Eestis 22 Mar 2010  EWR
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Estonia Post (Eesti Post), is to begin offering a document digitization service. According to Estonia Post, the digitalization process is one of the prerequisites in order to switch to paperless document management. Incoming paper or electronic documents, including invoices, are automatically converted into electronic data.

"The digitalization of documents focuses on scanning and detection of invoices, but can also process other types of documents such as contracts, memos, and other such forms. I am pleased to note that in the public sector our first partner is Kuressaare City Government," commented Head of Info Logistics Division Toomas Türk.

Incoming paper and electronic PDF invoices are processed with special software and digitalized according to customer´s preference such as CSV, XML, etc. The digitized invoice can then be sent over the web to a customer´s own document management system or accounting software.

Estonia Post also provides archiving services of paper and electronic documents.

Source: Eesti Post
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