[Estonian] Perth people trafficking ring busted (3)
Eestlased Austraalias 21 Mar 2013  EWR
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Aleisha Orr, WAToday March 21, 2013
Two young Estonian men were lured to Perth by the promise of work but when they arrived they allegedly were threatened, had their passports taken and were told they would have to work to pay off a debt.

Detective sergeant Ken Foster said the two men, who are in their 20s and not previously known to one another found, themselves in a difficult situation, being in a foreign country and with limited knowledge of English.

"They come from different parts of the world, their views of policing are somewhat different to what we understand here, they're frightened of that type of thing, they are also a long way from home, and threats were made against them, not only them but their families in Estonia," he said.

//Four Estonian nationals living in Perth, who had organised for the two men to fly to Australia, are due to appear in court next month on a number of human trafficking related charges.//

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