Estonian ministry draws up Made in Estonia plan
Archived Articles 15 Oct 2009  EWR
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BNS - A foreign investments and export plan that will presumably be discussed at a government session next week is intended to attract affluent foreign investors to Estonia.

Drawn up at the Ministry for Economic Affairs, the plan includes various proposals intended to increase Estonian companies' export and foreign investments.

The measures to attract foreign entrepreneurs include tax exemption from the sale of securities and amendment of the state property act so that land could be alientated for investments of great effect on priority terms.

In addition to alienation of land also creation of access to gas, electricity and sewage networks for investments has been considered.

Besides, the ministry sees the need of increasing the frequency of direct flights from Tallinn along with lowering airport taxes and state subsidies to airport security services.

The ministry also sees the need of analyzing invitation of Asian carriers to Tallinn in order to reap profit from Tallinn's favorable location in serving Asian transit passengers on European flights.

Re-training of labor in accordance with the investors' needs and increasing the volume of state support would also help bring foreign investments to Estonia.

Other measures that could increase export from Estonia is to launch mediation of cooperation offers in the portal. The plan also sees the need to send several Enterprise Estonia export advisers to foreign countries instead of the present one adviser.

In the education sphere the state sees the need to teach international export management and to create the opportunity of studying Chinese at high schools.

"Today our capability is the lowest in the teaching of Asian languages, but considering above all the increasing importance of China in the world economy during this century it is necessary to create the opportunity of studying Chinese in at least five Estonian high schools," the plan of action reads.

It is also necessary to draw up a database and an interactive network to Estonian-born people who have acquired their education at internatinally competitive foreign universities or have a significant work experience in foreign countries, in order to inform people of work offers in Estonia or in foreign countries for the good of Estonian companies.

Execution of the Made in Estonia plan will be monitored by the Ministry for Economic Affairs, calling the steering groulp of the plan of action and organizing its work.
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