Estonian Language, Literature, and Culture Professorship at the University of Toronto.
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This article concerns the current project of the Estonian Arts and Letters Society, which is to support the creation of an Estonian Language, Literature, and Culture Professorship at the University of Toronto. The Estonian Arts and Letters Society (EKS, Eesti Kirjanduse Sõbrad) in Toronto is a registered non-profit community group committed to the development of Estonian arts, literature and cultural studies.

The University and the Estonian community are engaged in a sustained effort to create a permanent endowment for an Estonian Language, Literature, and Culture Professorship in the Department of Slavic Languages and Literatures, which is the academic home of the University’s Finno-Ugric program. The goal is to raise a minimum of $2 million in private funds from the community.

These funds will enable the University to recruit a respected scholar who will teach undergraduate courses in Estonian language and culture, conduct graduate seminars, publish ground-breaking research in Estonian studies that will raise the academic profile of the field and do educational outreach to the community. An endowed Estonian Language and Literature Professorship will ensure that University of Toronto will maintain its minor program in Estonian language and literature in perpetuity.

The Estonian curriculum at the University of Toronto is characterized by its breathe and depth. The already existing endowed Elmar Tampõld Chair of Estonian Studies has assured permanence of high calibre teaching and research in Estonian history at the University of Toronto. However, the proper study of Estonian history, politics and society requires a firm foundation in its culture and language. Now, in order to guarantee a strong and dynamic future for Estonian language and literature at the University of Toronto, permanent funding for a faculty position in this program of instruction must also be secured.

In the future we plan to raise additional funds to create an endowment for scholarships, publications and conferences, as well as special community programs and high profile guest speakers.

By promoting Estonian language and literature to students of all backgrounds, an endowed and flourishing Estonian Language, Literature, and Culture Professorship at Canada’s premier university will play a significant role as a catalyst for greater understanding of Estonian culture and history.

We invite you to find out more about how you can be involved with this exciting initiative and offer you an opportunity to make a major contribution to Estonian Cultural Studies, perhaps by endowing a named professorship. We can arrange for consultations with the University of Toronto at your convenience.

Please contact the Estonian Arts and Letters Society at or (416) 915-4066 and leave your name and phone number for further information.

Donations are made payable to: University of Toronto, designated to Estonian Studies Language Literature and Culture Fund (Estonian Studies LLCF), 100 St. George Street, Suite 2032, Toronto, ON M5S 3J3.

UofT alumni and their families may make donations directly to UofT and use the University of Toronto charitable receipt for their U.S. income tax returns under the Canada-United States Income Tax Convention.

American citizens (or residents) who are not alumni or related to alumni of UofT, as well as corporations and foundations requiring a U.S. tax receipt can contribute to the university through The Associates of the University of Toronto, Inc. U.S. Internal Revenue Code, Section 501(c)(3).

Donations may be sent to: Mr. Gary Kaufman, Treasurer, The Associates of the University of Toronto, Inc. 810 Seventh Ave., 10th floor, New York, New York 10019 U.S.A. and designated to Estonian Studies Language Literature and Culture Fund (Estonian Studies LLCF), University of Toronto.

For more information on giving to U of T through the Associates, please call toll free 1-800-699-1736 or e-mail .

A receipt for income tax purposes will be issued for all donations. Charitable reg. BN 108162330-RR0001.

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