Estonian language 101 at Metsaülikool
Archived Articles 28 Sep 2008  EWR
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Kotkajärve Metsaülikool or "Forest University" has become a family affair. Anne Wallner and Joan Post (sitting on the left) from Ottawa attended for the first time and whilst their better halves Kristjan Wallner and Arno Türk tended to their 11 and 10 month-old daughters respectively, the Mums worked on their Estonian with instructor Tiia Remmelkoor. Celine Marks on the lower right is no stranger to Kotkajärve or Metsaülikool -- she performed a three-part harmony regilaul (runic song) along with partner Riki Roos and instructor Talvi Maimets at the lõpupidu or last evening's fete. Photo: Maimu Mölder

And later, at the same table...

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The artisans of the MÜ lastering (children's circle) create in clay. Clockwise from the left are Linnea Soots-Lowe, Alina Tork (White Rock, BC), kindergarteners or shepherds of the flock Kristina Kald and Tiina Hiis, Astrid Kiili (Tallinn-Washington DC), Annika Tork (White Rock, BC) and Eneli Mölder. A total of 9 children and 83 big people attended Metsaülikool this year. The theme was sustainability ([/i]JÄTKU![/i]) and topics ranged from demographics to language aquisition to mountain climbing, as experienced by repelling down a tree truck with the help of instructor Martin Roos. Photo and texts: Riina Kindlam

(These photos appeared in the Sept. 12 issue of Eesti Elu's English language section.)
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