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Eestlased Kanadas 28 Oct 2011  Eesti Elu
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Following the successful "Information Meeting" held on Wednesday October 19, to discuss the future of Toronto's Estonian House, the Future Planning Committee has deferred upcoming "Community Town Hall" sessions by a few weeks, to enable the Committee to address various questions and suggestions raised at the October 19 "Information Meeting". The Town Hall originally planned for Tuesday, November 1 will NOT take place. UPCOMING TOWN HALL DATES WILL BE ANNOUNCED IN THE "EESTI ELU" NEWSPAPER WITHIN A FEW WEEKS.

The "Open House" scheduled for Wednesday, November 16, at the Latvian Canadian Cultural Centre (4 Credit Union Drive) will take place, starting at 7 PM. Participants will be given a tour and will be able to familiarize themselves with the operations of our southern neighbour's Community Centre. Meetings of Estonian House shareholders (the Special General Meeting and the Annual General Meeting) will take place in 2012. Dates will be advertised in the Eesti Elu and shareholders will receive mailed invitations.

The Toronto Estonian House
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