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Eestlased Kanadas 16 Dec 2011  Eesti Elu
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The Estonian heritage Society (Eesti Kultuuripärandi Klubi) celebrated its thirtieth anniversary as well as Christmas with a lunch at Masters Buffeteria in Tartu College on Thursday, December eighth. In attendance were 16 members and Piret Noorhani, the Head Archivist of the Estonian Studies Centre at Tartu College.

In a few well-chosen words, its President, Jaan Kruus, mentioned the anniversary, the large number - over a thousand - of interviews and recordings of public events by Estonian Canadians, such as concerts and lectures, that the Society has videotaped and stored in its library. He then continued with the expectation that the Society’s work will continue in the future, although the scarcity of new volunteers was worrying.

Two long-term members - Laine Pant and Aksel Pügi - were presented with certificates naming them as honorary members in appreciation of their services to the Society in preserving the cultural heritage of Canadian Estonians.
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Heritage club president Jaan Kruus and new Honorary Members Laine Pant and Aksel Pügi. Photos: Piret Noorhani.
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